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Pacific Orientation Relocation Services

We focus on process efficiency with our strong local knowledge, prompt problem-solving, and paying attention to the present.

was founded in November 2000 with an operations office in the center of Bangkok, Thailand. Our team offers the essential elements of a successful service practice: Strong Local Knowledge and Relationships combined with strong International Business Competence.

The company is well established and has excellent references from numerous executives relocating to Thailand. We offer fully integrated expatriate relocation services. Our one-stop service center coordinates all aspects of your move, including Immigration, Household Goods Moving, Orientation, Housing and School search, Cultural training, Settling-in to Thailand and Departure services. We could also facilitate your needs for Tax, Legal and Accounting Services.

One-stop service center

Strong local knowledge

Prompt problem-solving

Paying attention to the present

Our Services

Pre-assignment Trip Service
Temporary Accommodation Service
Orientation Service
Housing Assistance: Home Finding/ Home Rental Search
School Search Service
Settling In Services
Thai Driving License Service
The Cultural Awareness Service
Lease Renewal Service
Departure Assistance Service
Airport Transfer Coordination
Stand Alone Service
Tenancy Management Program Service
Visa & Immigration Service
Household Goods Moving Service

Our team offers the essential elements
of a successful service practice.

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What our clients say

Our experience with your agency has been amazingly satisfying so far. The company I work with is happy to let you know that we are a regular customer and look forward to our cooperation soon!

Jenna Sanders

Jenna Sanders

CEO, Expert

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