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Pacific Orientation Relocation Services

We focus on process efficiency with our strong local knowledge, prompt problem-solving, and paying attention to the present.


Based on the needs assessment, we shall address personal concerns and provide ongoing support throughout the decision-making process and transition. You will be accompanied by an experienced field consultant.

Pre-assignment Trip service includes the following:

• Information Package.
• Temporary Accommodations.
• General Area Tour.
• Housing Overview.
• Schooling Overview.

Temporary Accommodation

The temporary accommodation program is offered to those who require temporary accommodation.

The requirements for each customer will be different but at a minimum, the following services will be offered:
  • Provide a shortlist of options based on needs and budget.
  • Booking of the hotel or furnished accommodation (for short term leases only).
  • Negotiate security deposit to zero or a refundable security deposit.
  • Manage all aspects of lease signing, including rent negotiation, lease contract review, and choosing the most effective lease term based on assignment length and the likelihood of assignment end-date.
  • Booking and coordination of direct invoicing.
  • Assist with any issues/concerns with property accommodations throughout the term.
  • Arrangement of airport transfer, where applicable.


The orientation tour will be customized based on the specific needs identified during the assessment. The orientation tour is comprehensive pre-arrival coordination where you are accompanied by our field consultant. The tour will be representative of the whole city including expatriate areas and should outline the advantages and disadvantages per location.

At a minimum the tour will include the following:
  • Information Package.
  • Face to face drive around.
  • Pre-move familiarization with living conditions, residential areas, schooling, obtaining goods and services, and a preview of representative communities and housing (e.g. medical facilities, place of worship, post office, local authority, hairdressers, tailors, and other applicable necessities).
  • Provide information relative to recreation and leisure options; accompanied tour of facilities, when appropriate.
  • Cultural discussions around traditional aspects of life.

Housing Assistance:
Home Finding/ Home Rental Search

The Home finding/ Home rental search program is a pre-arrival product designed to assist the customer in identifying suitable housing in the destination location as well as help facilitate any issues or questions surrounding the service. The service is available to you for up to 60 days after moving in.

At a minimum, the following is included:
  • Accompanied viewing of pre-screened/pre-selected properties.
  • Provide an overview of local market practice and lease process.
  • Provide impartial perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of each property.
  • Negotiation with landlord/ Coordination of issuance of deposits/ advance rent, and agree the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with both parties.
  • Lease review including payment details, responsible party, and all expenses (e.g., Parking) and support all modifications as needed.
  • Assist with furniture rental/purchase and insurance.
  • Participate in pre-move in inspections/final move-in inspection.
  • Provide a complete report with photographs of the property, documented existing condition, inventory list, and all relevant documents.
  • Follow up on unfinished works/ repairs or defects with the landlord (within the first month after move-in).
  • Provide information pack which is relevant to housing.
  • Provide information and advice on utility connections: Gas, Water, Electricity, Telecommunications (phone, cell phone, internet), TV (cable or satellite).
  • Shortlist options based on needs and allocated budget.
  • Booking and coordination of direct invoicing.

School Search

The school assistance product provides customized services determined through the needs assessment. We will pro-actively support you with school search and placement into suitable schools.

At a minimum the product will include the following:
  • Referrals to supplementary nationality specific education options.
  • Facilitating and accompanying you to appointments per short listed choice of schools.
  • Assistance with registration and admissions procedures where necessary.
  • Provide assistance regarding medical, vaccinations, transportation, uniforms, and school supplies.
  • Service may also include playgroups, daycare/childcare options, nursery, pre-school and kindergarten for the younger children whose entitlements may not be covered through the international schools.

Settling In

The settling-in services will be customized based on the specific needs identified during the assessment (additional services may be requested based on your company policy, including but not limited to arranging for cleaning services, and briefings regarding living with a domestic maid and insurance). The settling-in services are comprehensive post-arrival coordination where you are offered assistance by our field consultant in orientating to the new location.

At minimum assistance will include:
  • Facilitate banking relationships (accounts/ debit/ credit cards, club membership, and other financial services.)
  • Accompanied shopping fundamentals. Information on grocery, appliances, furniture, hairdresser, and other applicable necessities.
  • Review of medical/dental facilities options and usage of facilities.
  • Facilitate networking into an international community (clubs, organizations).
  • Facilitate local authority/community registration (embassy registration).
  • Provide information and advice on utility connections: Gas, Water, Electricity, Telecommunications (phone, cell phone internet), TV (cable or satellite).
  • Documentation Services.
  • Car Rental/Purchase.
  • Accompanied Driver’s License service.

Thai Driving License

The Thai Driving License program is the only way to ensure that you can drive legally in the country and are fully covered by a car insurance policy. Obtaining a driving license in Thailand provides you with freedom and allows you to travel further afield and explore the country.

We offer a variety of different driving license services from getting your initial Thai driving permit to renewing it. The process can take half-day – one day to complete depending on where you apply and the number of people applying. The forms required to complete are in Thai language. Our accompanied service will make you feel comfortable with the process.

Obtaining the Thai driving license service is comprehensive post-arrival coordination where you are helped by our consultant.

At minimum assistance will include:
  • Providing comprehensive information through the process.
  • Facilitate local authority/community registration (Residence Certificate, Medical Certificate).
  • Reviewing the documents required before submitting the driving license application at the Department of Land Transport office.
  • Arranging a queue with the Department of Land Transport office.
  • Accompanied and guidance of each step throughout the process.

The Cultural Awareness

The Cultural Awareness service is an invaluable first step for any expatriate taking the big step of relocating to Thailand. We will help you and your family to better deal with everyday situations and interact with Thai people and understand Thailand’s business culture, religion, and social customs. The Cultural Awareness service is comprehensive post-arrival coordination where you are offered assistance by a consultant.

At minimum assistance will include:
  • Provide cultural discussions around traditional aspects of life.
  • Provide Top-To-Toe knowledge of cultural do’s and don’ts, business etiquette, work practices/ communication, and value systems.
  • Lunch – When possible, selection should be based on local food choices and includes the basic briefing on etiquette.

Lease Renewal

The lease renewal product supports you to coordinate with the landlord to reach an agreement of terms.

At a minimum the product will include the following:
  • Extension and or renewal terms for renewed contract.
  • Assistance with contract review/recommending changes.
  • Review inventory and property condition.
  • Facilitate and coordinate signing of new contract.
  • Distribution of signed documents to appropriate parties.

Departure Assistance

The departure service supports you in arranging departure from Thailand.

Assistance with comprehensive pre and post departure coordination includes but is not limited to:
  • Notify landlord and coordinate lease termination per requirements stipulated in lease.
  • Participate in final walk through (with or without the tenant present).
  • Assist in arranging for the disposal of unwanted household items, including the return of rental furniture or sale of furniture.
  • Negotiate any requests from the landlord to force the tenant to pay for dilapidations.
  • Negotiate return of security deposit and collect refund of security deposit.
  • Ensure that all local services (i.e. utilities, car lease, club memberships) are notified of employee’s departure and provide support in arranging to terminate services (including those paid by tenant, by tenant’s employer or by a third party). Provide appropriate forwarding address for any final bills.
  • Complete de-registration with local authorities, if applicable.
  • Provide notice to school(s) of family’s departure. Obtain school and/or testing records. Obtain refund of school deposit, if applicable.

Airport Transfer Coordination
Stand Alone

The airport transfer coordination service supports you in arranging car services to and or from the airport.

Assistance includes, but is not limited to:
  • Contact you regarding arrival requirements.
  • Arrange pick up from the airport.
  • Accompany to temporary or permanent accommodation, if requested.

Tenancy Management Program

The Tenancy Management Program Service supports you in solving all housing related issues by arranging and communicating with all related parties.

Assistance includes, but is not limited to:
  • Support you during working hours with any property related questions throughout the program.
  • Assist you to determine, if repair issues that arise are your responsibility or the Landlord’s responsibility, based on the lease agreement.
  • If the landlord is responsible for making repairs, we will contact the landlord to discuss the repairs, advise you when the repairs will be made and follow up with you to confirm they are completed.
  • If you are responsible for the repairs, we will contact appropriate repair companies, obtain the quotations for you to make the selection and then schedule the repairs to take place at a convenient time.

Visa & Immigration

Our partner provides visa and immigration assistance and advice in securing the required permits on a global basis. The aim is to coordinate and manage the visa and immigration process with the relevant authorities on your behalf and ensure that all visa and immigration permits are compliant with local requirements.

Visa & Immigration includes the below services.
  • Visa and immigration application.
  • Work permit processing.
  • Visa & immigration Re-entry permit.
  • Legalizations of visa and immigration documentation.

Your benefit is that all applications are handled by experienced visa, immigration, and work permit professionals.

Household Goods Moving

Our partners provide Household Goods Moving services which require careful planning and coordination. This starts with the pre-move survey to assess the volume, inform you about the required shipping documents and completed with the packing appointment.

The outbound services include:
  • Pre-Move survey.
  • Insurance Coverage.
  • Furniture disassemble, Packing and loading of all furniture and contents of boxes by highly skilled and experienced packing teams.
  • Haulage of containers or lift vans from residence (accessibility permit).
  • Warehouse and Storage facilities.
  • Customs Clearance and export formalities.
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We focus on process efficiency with our strong local knowledge, prompt problem-solving, and paying attention to the present.


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